Wednesday 29 May 2019

A new home at Braunston

A steady run to Braunston with a mooring close to the Boathouse. We had a couple of showers during the day which made a change from the bright sunshine. Not that I am complaining. When we set off from Shardlow the weather forecast for the week was unsettled. We have had a glorious week of sunshine.
All in all, we have had a good cruise. The pups have loved the boat and have started to get into a boating routine. We had a few mishaps and overstretched ourselves on a couple of occasions. We still love cruising on Tilly May and now look forward to cruising from our new base at Braunston Marina.
We arrived at Braunston Marina on Monday morning and were made to feel very welcome by Tim, the owner. We have a mooring is the quietest part of the Marina.

Brea contributing to discussions

In the past, we have been out on extended cruises where we would be on the boat for a month then leave TM in a marina for a week before returning to cruising. The plan going forward is to change how we cruise. The move to Braunston will give us a number of possible cruising routes and many options. If we are feeling tired we can just TM as a flat or a short day trip. We have a list of possible trips ranging from 1 day to 2 weeks and everything in between. Who knows, when we are boat fit we may do the Thames trip.


  1. Braunston is a great little village and, of course, a major canal hub. For larger shops Daventry is not far away (and may one day be accessible by boat). But you know all this. Hope it all works out for you as your new base.

  2. Really great to read your out and about on TM, new moorings with new adventures to be had, not to mention the new crew antics. Look forward to reading more.