Monday, 2 June 2014

Bloody Stenson Lock

The morning started late, so late it was afternoon by the time we pulled pins and set off on our 2014 summer cruise. We left Shardlow about 1pm and motored in bright sunshine, arriving at Willington at 7:30pm. The highlight of the cruise was bloody Stenson Lock. It took over an hour for 4 boats to pass up the lock. The cafe side bottom gate still will not open fully, but we know about that, its been like it for years. Today the paddle in said bottom gate would not close completely. This resulted in a long wait for the lock to fill. Eventually I had to re-open the paddle to try and flush what ever was stuck in the paddle, and after some effort managed to close the paddle an extra turn which was just enough to get the lock to fill. 

Jan at Stenson Lock

Once moored at Willington we ambled down to The Dragon for something to eat. Sorry sir we stopped serving food at 7pm. Never mind we will walk around to The Geen Man. Sorry sir we stopped serving food at 7pm. So back to the boat for ham sandwiches. Fortunately, I was reminded by Jan that we normally cook some ham to start the summer cruise so I had popped to the butchers in Kegworth on Saturday and cooked a lump of gammon in Coke. Home cooked ham sandwiches, salad and crisps. A meal fit for a king!