Thursday, 17 January 2019

We are back!

Well we are finally back blogging and getting Tilly May ready for cruising. A lot has happened in the last couple of years. Both Jan and myself have been a bit under the weather. The good news is we are both on the mend and looking forward to cruising Tilly May in the spring of next year.
Poor Tilly May has been seriously neglected and is in need of some love and attention. We have only just been able to get down to see her so now we can spend time getting her ship shape. Mechanically things are not too bad because the chaps at JD Narrowboats (where she is moored) have looked after her with regular services and a new boat safety certificate. Bloody hell the spiders are massive!!
Its going to take some time to get the old girl back to her former glory but the same could be said for Jan and me.
We will be moving TM to a new mooring at Braunston in the spring to take advantage of some new cursing destinations. The move in tinged with sadness because we have enjoyed our time at JD Narrowboats in Shardlow. The boys have looked after TM and us very well and we will miss them greatly. Heartfelt thanks to Andy and Darren.
In preparation for a new cruising season we are recruiting new crew members. Unfortunately we lost Spot (Ships dog) before Christmas, she is now cruising the great waterways in the sky. The new crew will be Maggie the Border Terrorist, currently 8 weeks old and due aboard next week. We will be joined in April by Brea the Munsterlander. Not exactly sure of the date because she is yet to be born. Watch this space for more updates.