Monday, 20 July 2015

Anderton Boat Lift - T&M to River Weaver

What two posts in one day!!!
Well the Boat lift and the Weaver give us plenty to talk about.
As can be seen from our yesterday's blog, we were unsure of facilities on the Weaver, so went to ABC Leisure Group on the T&M first thing this morning for pump out, etc.  Guys were really helpful.

Following this, just in case, we arrived early at the Anderton Boat Lift.  Yesterday Chris had booked a passage for 11.30am today but we were allowed on at 10.30 as we were the only boat going down from the Canal to the River.  The caissons (troughs) can take 2 narrowboats side by side.

The whole area surrounding canal and river is salt mines so, similarly to being at the sea-side, you have a constant salt taste on your lips and there is a constant reminder of the industry around the countryside with the huge engineering works associated with this commercial mining enterprise.

The CaRT guys on the Lift were extremely friendly and full of information.  As per his rote, the chap at the top (John) went through the H&S check and paperwork; nothing onerous and he settled us into our caisson (water-filled trough) ready for transfer down to the Weaver.  Although we expected the transfer to be a physical challenge, it was not, but was a visual transfer from a quiet canal to a wide commercial river (salt mine engineering, etc)).  Thanks must be also to Alan (? ex farm lad and recent recruit to the Lift) who had obviously also researched so much information on the Lift.  It was a very informative and exciting experience. Apologies for the number of photos but it is our first time!

Above 3 photos: entering the caisson


The adjacent water-filled caisson on the left going up with 2 narrowboats inside

Gate lifting allowing us to enter the River Weaver from the caisson


The drop of 50 feet from T&M Canal to River Weaver via Anderton Lift

Carey Park with nb Just The One in the distance

Coming off the Lift, we had to get some basic provisions.  There is a Waitrose at Northwich where you can moor against their car park.  Maybe on our return through this town when we will have more time we will have a look around as the buildings seem to echo all Tudor / timber related design - all looks beautiful.

Also, as we moved off Waitrose moorings, we saw and spoke to the couple on nb Just The One from moorings adjacent to us at Shardlow - what a small world!  They asked to be remembered at JD Narrowboats at Shardlow for when we all return!

Northwich town centre

Northwich town centre

Northwich town centre

Now on River Weaver, we expected it to have a distinct hard flow (not quite as the Trent), but there appears to be very little flow.  Currently moored against Carey Park which has so many pathways designed into a mixed deciduous woodland - beware Jan, take your mobile with you so you don't get lost again!!

PS: as learnt today: 'wich' was the Roman for 'salt', so Northwick, Middlewich, etc denotes where the salt was to be found.  Apparently most of the salt mined in this area nowadays is for road use (i.e. salting winter roads).


  1. Nice to see you blogging again Chris and to know you three are ok

    1. Ken! So pleased to here from you. We were only talking about you and Lynda the other day when we passed through Middlewich. It was there that we last bumped into Ada Apple and spoke to Mike & Brenda. You had been in our thoughts since we passed through Rugley where we passed Amaranthine in 2013. How are you keeping? You had a new project last time we spoke, how is it going? Are you back cruising?
      So many Questions
      Speak Soon
      Much Love Jan Chris & Spot