Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Harecastle and Meeting Fellow Bloggers

We awoke yesterday morning to the sound of a thousand Canada Geese marching past our window.  Later saw some 15 cygnets floating past with 6 meer-geese (like meer cats) as look-outs.  The whole area of Westport is alive with Canada geese; totally outnumber ducks and swans.  Had to take Spot out on morning walk initially on lead - not a happy bunny but soon unleashed found a pathway through a wood copse and onto a playing field full of furry bunnies - good sport!

Some amazing old buildings related to the canal can be found - so much history in this part of the cut: potteries etc.  Quite a few buildings in this area have been renovated into visitor centres, small business enterprises but, as can be seen from above and below photos some still in need of repair.  Such a fascinating journey.

Through the Harecastle Tunnel again (third time this month).  CaRT guys very helpful with instructions, H&S etc.  Although we've got a railway look-out's horn as well as a weak electric horn the CaRT guy loaned us a gas-fired horn (I suppose in case of any of us snuffs it in the tunnel!)

Must say a big HELLO to Jan and Halfie (John) on nb Jubilee - a fellow blogger.  Saw them passing us at Westport lake and moored against them at Harecastle entrance. They are out for six months so we look forward to reading many blog entries. John took a photo of us on TM which is now on their nb Jubilee blog click here to see.  Great to meet fellow boaters and get to know them, however briefly - see you next time on the cut!!

Currently moored at B87 on the Mac awaiting our friends from Castle Donington.  From our exuberant comments on our last cruise up this canal, they have decided to change their planned route and go to Bugsworth Basin (a good choice we think).  Will be eating again at one of our favourite canal stops: the Rising  Sun - good food and excellent company (or vice-versa!)

As usual we were made very welcome at the Rising Sun and had a nice meal. It was good to meet up with Colin, Rick and Mark on Azanute. This year's 2 week cruise for them is down to the end of the Peak Forest and back.

As you can see Mark sleeps in a tent on the towpath. This is not due to lack of space on Azanute but to the volume of Colin's snoring!

Mark, Rick & Colin
Mark and Rick looking remarkably well considering they were the last people out of the pub last night.

The boys off up the Mac
Above, the boys heading off for breakfast. Congleton it is time to lock up your daughters. Be afraid, be very afraid.

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