Friday, 31 July 2015

From Endor onto the Staffs and Worcester Canal

Had a nice meal in the Boat Inn last night. It is obviously a popular location as we had the last free table on a Wed night. We set off from Gnosall with a plan to get into the Staffs & Worcester. This section of the Shroppie is amazing! Once through the Cowley Tunnel the scenery looks like Endor (2 points for SciFi specialist who can identify Endor)

Cowley Tunnel

Once in a wile you appear out of the trees onto a raised embankment with views as above. Panoramic photo taken on my little Sony.

We finally moored in the middle on nowhere just past Coven Heath. Had salad an new tatos for tea. Jan woke about 4am and took the last 2 photos. Nooks like a nice day.

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